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We have a wide variety of aircons to suit your needs.

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York Under-Ceiling Fixed Speed

YORK® Underceiling Fixed Speed YFGE 18 to 55 Heat Pump A complete range from 18000 btu/h to 55000 btu/h Air Conditioner with remote control and compressor Johnson Controls Building Efficiency – suppliers of YORK® HVAC equipment including air-conditioning, chillers and refrigeration applications, as well as security control and building management systems. YORK® help creates healthier, more productive building environments, reducing carbon footprint and delivering energy and

York Under-Ceiling Inverter

The floor ceiling inverter has the following features: fresh air intake, washable filter, high velocity and air flow, low noise, zero louver angle loss, high efficiency compressor, high efficiency coil with internal grooved copper tube, 3 minutes protection, low ambient kit.

York Midwall Fixed Speed

YORK® Midwall Fixed Speed Air Conditioner by Johnson Controls features a high density filter, two-way drainage, two-directional airflow, louver position memory, low noise, auto-restart, 3-minute protection, auto-defrost, high efficiency compressor, valve protection cover, easy installation and maintenance, sturdy & durable build, follow-me function (optional), WIFI / Smartphone control (optional).

York Midwall Inverter

York® Midwall Inverter air conditioner features efficient cooling and heating modes, a DC inverter compressor, modern design, low noise, auto-restart, universal spares, valve protection cover, easy installation and maintenance, sturdy and durable build and Bluefin protection. Remote Control has 4 operation modes: cool/dry/heat/fan, sleep mode and on/off timers, a 4D auto-swing, smart (fuzzy-logic) operation and I-Feel technology.

York Ducted Fixed Speed

The ducted-medium static pressure inverter has the following features: washable filter, low noise, auto restart, high efficiency compressor, high efficiency coil with internal grooved copper tube, low ambient kit.

York Ducted Inverter

YORK® Ducted Inverter features reserved remote on-off alarm ports, compact size, high-velocity airflow, low noise, washable air filter, auto start, universal spares, high-efficiency compressor, 3-minute protection, valve protection cover, easy installation and maintenance, sturdy and durable build, fresh air-intake, drain pump.

York Console Fixed Speed

This air conditioning unit has a modern stylish design, it comes with a slinger ring condensate water removal system in cooling mode, has an automatic restart and a highly efficient reliable compressor

York Console Inverter

This unit has a heat pump with auxiliary electric heating as well as an automatic restart and convenient filter cleaning. It has a modern design with a highly efficient compressor and an electronic controller.

York Cassette Fixed Speed

YORK® Cassette Fixed Speed YTGE 12/18 and YKGE 24 to 55 HEAT PUMP A complete range from 12000 btu/h to 55000 btu/h Remote Control • 5 operation modes: Auto/Cool/Dry/Heat/Fan • Multi-speed fan setting: High/Medium/Low/Auto • 24-hour timer setting • Turbo cool setting • Backlit LCD display • Real-time clock display Features • 4-way blow with 360° air outlet • Super slim compact design • Built-in drain pump • Fresh air-intake • Follo

York Cassette Inverter

This air conditioner meets the highest energy efficiency ratings, so less energy is consumed without sacrificing comfort and performance. Both the condensing units and indoor units are engineered for quiet operation. And comfort control settings are easily changed with the touch of a button on the remote controller. When you buy YORK products you get Johnson Controls’ exceptional service, and history of providing quality and reliable heating and air conditioning products. We create envi

LG Dual Cool

Inverter Compressor constantly adjusts a compressor’s speed to maintain desired temperature levels. Moreover, Dual Inverter Compressor™ with power saving operation range frequency saves more energy than conventional compressor. Thanks to the Dual Inverter compressor, air is expelled farther and faster.

LG Art Cool

Our revolutionary inverter technology offers powerful yet silent performance while also greatly lowering energy consumption by as much as 60%. LG has taken energy efficiency to a whole new level with its inverter technology.