LG Cassette Air Conditioners

Create an environment that's stylish and comfortable. LG cassette air conditioners offer powerful cooling and a streamlined design, so you can cool your office, boutique, café or hotel without disrupting your space.
With an LG cassette air conditioner, you'll enjoy state-of-the-art cooling and a stylish design. Discover just a few of the features that make ours among the industry’s finest:

Group Controls: For the ultimate in convenience, many of our cassette air conditioners offer convenient group controls, which allows you to link up to 16 units and manage them all from a central location.

Wide, Adjustable Vanes: Our cassette type air conditioner boasts wide, adjustable vanes – providing you with better air and temperature distribution, and more control over it.

Slim Design: At just 20mm thick, our indoor units can easily be mounted in confined spaces – giving you more options for installation than ever before.

BLDC Motor: When you choose a cassette air conditioner with one of our low-noise motors, you'll not only enjoy an even quieter cooling experience and the latest in anti-vibration technology, but you'll also get a highly efficient turbo fan, and improved outlet and airflow.

Anti-Corrosive Coating: With an anti-corrosive coating on the surface of the heat exchanger, our cassette A/C system was designed to withstand the effects of pollution and corrosive conditions.

LG cassette air conditioners allow you to create a comfortable indoor environment all year long. Featuring wide, adjustable vanes, low-noise motors, group controls, and an anti-corrosive coating, our innovative systems are not only powerful and functional, but designed to last. Plus, with their slim profiles and clean lines, our cassette air conditioners will integrate beautifully into your space.