Daikin Splits Air Conditioning

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What is an air-to-air heat pump?

Heat pumps extract heat from the outside air, even in cold weather. They use an electrically powered compressor and are extremely effective at heating a flat or a house. Daikin heat pump Aircons are silent and discreet, and use state-of-the-art technology to keep your energy bills as low as possible. With a Daikin heat pump Aircons, 80% of the energy used to heat your home comes from the outside air, a free and infinitely renewable resource! For cooling, the system is reversed, extracting heat from the indoor air.

Why choose Daikin?

1.Perfect Comfort

A flat, stylish front panel blends in easily with any interior décor and is easier to clean. Vertical auto swing with these wall mounted units moves the discharge louvres up and down to give you efficient air and temperature distribution throughout the room. Turbo mode means that the room can heat up or cool down rapidly, for maximum comfort.

2.Low Sound

With sound pressure down to 21dBA the new FTXB-C operates almost unnoticed ensuring a good night’s sleep while the Aircon Runs.

3.Easy Control

The infrared remote control is user-friendly and has a timer function which allows you to programme the unit to start or stop when you want it to.

4.Clean Air

Daikin’s titanium apatite photocatalytic filter removes airborne dust particles and decomposes the odours of tobacco and pets, for example. It also traps and even deactivates harmful organic chemical substances like bacteria, viruses and allergens to ensure you enjoy a steady supply of clean air.