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The most advanced climate control for Large Spaces

The quality air conditioning of Daikin brings the temperature and air humidity to a level where everyone feels good in his skin. Our aim is for people to be able to feel comfortable in shopping centres, restaurants, at work or wherever. That is the perspective from which Daikin develops integrated solutions that guarantee high climate comfort and a healthy interior environment. Solutions that also yield great savings when it comes to energy costs. The newest generation of inverter air conditioners by Daikin combines low energy use with advanced technology. This generation is also synonymous for great performance and simplified installation. Whisper-quiet advanced technology, with which Daikin leads in the restaurant, hotel and retail market.

Seasonal Inverter

In line with technological advancements and stricter environmental legislation, Daikin Europe N.V. is committed to leading the way in energy-efficient residential and commercial Air Conditioning solutions. A good example of this is Daikin’s Sky Air® Seasonal Inverter, the first on the market to anticipate Europe’s new stricter environmental requirements. A bit of background: Europe has set aggressive targets for energy efficiency and environmental impact to be reached by 2020. In line with these goals, more accurate measurement of the real-life energy efficiency of systems will also be required from 2013. This improved efficiency rating, referred to as ‘seasonal efficiency’ or SEER, measures actual energy consumption over an entire heating or cooling season. This means that it takes into account different outdoor temperatures and the resulting required capacities. Daikin Europe N.V. is leading the way with its Sky Air® Seasonal Inverter line. These light commercial air conditioning units are the first on the market to anticipate the more accurate seasonal efficiency criteria that will apply after 2013. Because of the optimized inverter control, the Sky Air® Seasonal Inverter performs better across the entire range of outdoor temperatures. Next to this, the auxiliary modes have been redesigned in order to reduce energy consumption when the unit is not operating (e.g. standby mode). The result: up to 20% better seasonal efficiency than the current Sky Air® Super Inverter in real-life situations, and more than 50% compared to non-inverter systems.