Daikin Cassette Air Conditioners

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Next generation round flow Air Conditioning cassette sets the standard for efficiency and comfort

Give your customers and guests whisper-quiet, 360° surround comfort with the Daikin round flow Air Conditioning cassette. And as part of the Daikin seasonal efficiency line-up, the round flow cassette meets tomorrow’s stricter energy requirements today. Plus, an optional auto-cleaning panel, and presence and floor sensors ensure optimum efficiency in all conditions. So businesses like yours with long running hours and high air conditioning loads can enjoy the lower operating costs and increased comfort of tomorrow’s technology, today.

Efficiency across the board

Ready for the seasonal efficiency challenge
The performance of the new Daikin Sky Air seasonal efficiency lines are rated according to the new seasonal efficiency standard. This guarantees that the rated performance corresponds to the actual operating conditions of your shop, office, restaurant or hotel.
Great energy saving functions via new wired controller
An enhanced wired controller BRC1E52A/B gives you access to the full functionality of the FCQG and FCQHG round flow Air conditioning cassette. There are three programmable schedules (e.g. winter, summer, mid-season) plus a holiday function to disable the schedule timer. And the handy controller indicates kWh usage by day/month/ year, allowing you to clearly monitor your energy use.

Auto-cleaning panel assures consistent top performance

The round flow Air Conditioning cassette can be equipped with a special filter that cleans itself once a day, ensuring consistent, optimum efficiency. The dust collected during daily cleaning is stored in a dust box that can hold up to 12 months of dust, with an indicator light showing when dust box cleaning is required. Annual or bi-annual cleaning by in-house maintenance personnel, using an ordinary vacuum cleaner, is all that is needed: no ladders, no need to touch the Air Conditioning cassette panel or come in contact with the dust.